The club will offer a minimum of 2 certifications per year (D1 – C2).  C3 and above certifications are at a National level. Please click on the following link for additional information on National Level Certifications.  


In order to take a D1 to C2 certification you must:

  • Submit your Letter of Intent* to the DC or the Certification Coordinator at least 2 weeks prior to the rating
  • Have your instructor check off all the appropriate skills on your appropriate Flow Chart
  • D3 and above candidates must volunteer at one non-Pony Club show in the previous calendar year


*Your Letter of Intent should state why you would like to certify, why you feel you are ready to certify and what you have done to prepare for your certification.  This Letter should be appropriate to your certification level.  For example, the Letter of Intent for a D1 may be very simple and be composed of only a couple of sentences.  However, the Letter for a C level candidate should be detailed.


Certificatons may be offered on an as needed basis on the discretion of the DC if requested by a member.


Certifications Levels

From your D2 certification on up, you may choose to take an alternative certification path.  Ratings will be offered for Horse Management, Flat, Jump and Classic (which includes all 3).  Please click on the following link for a discussion of the various alternate certification tracks.   


D1/D2 – $25

D3/C1/C2 – $35

C3 and above – First attempt will be paid for by the Boise Pony Club


Certification Links

VERY IMPORTANT – These links are subject to change.  Please verify that it is the correct (up to date) form.  You will be able to find the Standards of Proficiency, Flow Charts and Certification Test Sheets for D1-C2 on the USPC Site.

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